Specialised Packaging

Heavy duty Pallets & Skids

Not all cargo fits onto standard pallets or skids, we are able to construct custom made pallets/skids then pack and secure your cargo to the skids for safe loading and handling. In particular we cater for OOG and Heavy, Awkward Cargo Pallets.

Heat Shrinking of Cargo

  1. The benefits of us fitting a heat shrink plastic cover over your cargo are numerous and varied.
  2. The cover is Weatherproof, UV Resistant and Waterproof, this protection keeps your cargo dry and safeguards it from the elements.
  3. Cargo is protected from dust and dirt.
  4. We can cover cargo of most any sizes and shapes.
  5. When applied correctly Heat Shrink plastic will not chafe your cargo, unlike what a tarpaulin is prone to do.
  6. Our Covers can be ventilated to prevent moisture and mildew from damaging your cargo.
  7. A Zipper door can be fitted to allow access to the cargo without cutting or damaging the Heat Shrink cover when Customs Inspections or Maintenance is required.

Vapour Barrier Foil

What does Vapour Barrier Foil do? Vapour Barrier Foil restricts the amount of moisture that diffuses through the packaging, thereby protecting the cargo from moisture damage whilst in transit. By combining the foil and correct amount of desiccant, the cargo can be kept dry.

Machinery, Medical Equipment and any other Electrical or Mechanical equipment that is sensitive to moisture will benefit from the use of this material.

Before wrapping Vapour Barrier Foil to the Cargo, the Cargo must be skidded. priate Goods in Transit Insurance cover.

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