Breakbulk Cargo

Breakbulk cargo is defined as general cargo that does not fit into standard shipping containers.

The transporting of breakbulk cargo into and out of the Port can be a huge headache and very problematic for shipping agents and cargo owners alike.

Our experienced team will make all of the necessary transport and logistical arrangements to move your cargo to and from factory to vessel side and vice versa. We are able to provide mobile cranes and rigging crews to handle the cargo should the port not be able to do so no matter what size and weight.

Cargo Care Logistics has a good relationship within the various terminals which proves most valuable when transporting breakbulk cargo in and out of the Port.

Our Team will liaise with the Port authorities to make all the necessary cargo arrangements on your behalf to uplift or deliver your cargo in and out of the port. We are able to transport breakbulk cargo from one terminal to another for transhipments.

Cargo Care can assist your company and improve your efficiency by providing you with an experienced logistical team to handle and transport your breakbulk cargo.

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